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Bound Is Both A Game And A “Notgame” Heading To PS4


Plastic, who previously brought Linger In Shadows and Datura to PlayStation 3, has announced a new procedural 3D platformer for PlayStation 4 called Bound.


As is usually the case with Plastic’s style, Bound is described as being a game and a “notgame,” one that’s for hardcore players looking for a challenge as well as people more interested in art and narrative.


For those looking for a challenge, Bound will apparently have “one big puzzle that can be only solved by a community of players working together.” It’s up to you whether you participate in this collective pursuit or not.


Otherwise, Bound will deliver plenty of modern art for you to enjoy, with its world spanning influences including Suprematism, Concretism, Neoplasticism, and Bauhaus styles. You play as a ballerina (all movements motion-captured) who moves elegantly across this world.


Plastic also adds that it has spent the past year optimizing Bound so that it has “ultra-sharp anti-aliased 60 Hz in 1080p resolution.” You can look out for more information on Bound on its teaser website.

Chris Priestman