BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Goes Box To Basics By Showing Off Qbby’s Abilities

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Nintendo has shared a new tutorial video that brings new players up to speed on what Qbby can do with his ability to create new boxes, in the upcoming BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! by HAL Labs.


It seems that Qbby has some new things he can do in this game, such as making a pole-like formation that can let him pogo across spikes safely. Additionally, there are gimmicks like springs to play around with.


As usual, there is an extra objective of getting all the crowns in each level, and some with require new tricks with the help of Qucy, who’s also around this time. Players will have to work with both characters, or play co-op with a friend in order to get the most of Qbby and Qucy’s abilities.


Check out the trailer below:


BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! releases on Nintendo Switch on April 26, 2019.

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