Boyfriend Dungeon Meets Its Kickstarter Goal And Gets A Cat Weaponfriend



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On August 15, 2018, Kitfox Games took to Kickstarter to fund development of Boyfriend Dungeon, the action-RPG with dating sim elements where you head into the “dunj” with weapons that are also people. Within a day, the $49,966 crowdfunding goal was met. This means a sixth weaponfriend has been revealed and a Stretch Goal weaponfriend designed by Hatoful Boyfriend’s Hato Moa has been announced.


In Boyfriend Dungeon, you are able to romance and upgrade weaponfriends so you can learn more about them and perform better in dungeons. Meeting the Kickstarter goal means that Pocket the cat has been added. Pocket is the only non-human weaponfriend (so far) and is a pair of brass knuckles. Unlike the other weaponfriends, he is a platonic relationship option.




The Hato Moa weaponfriend has only been teased so far. The character is described as a weaponbabe and has a bird on their shoulder. The bird is all white, like Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, Yuya Sakazaki, Okosan, and Kazuaki Nanaki. The collaboration came about, because Hato Moa liked The Shrouded Isle and Tanya Short, one of the Boyfriend Dungeon developers, met the developer during BitSummit 2018.



Boyfriend Dungeon should appear on the PC in September 2019. Kitfox Games says no console port is planned yet, as the team is focusing on PCs, but notes that it is being built “towards multi-platform release” and might appear on one someday. In case you missed it, Siliconera interviewed Kitfox Games about it last year.

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