Boys Can Be Magical Girls, Too



    Indie developer MikomiKisomi has made a short visual novel called Magical Boys about a trio of boys that gain magical powers.


    It follows Leslie, Clarence, and Jesse as they go about their daily lives at school during the day, while fighting criminals during the night with their magical powers.


    The catch is that their magical powers are enhanced greatly when they wear frilly clothes. So, when fighting crime, they dress up in prudent dresses, skirts, and tops with ribbons and hearts on them.



    This is obviously a slight spin on the magical girl archetype popular in many manga and anime, and some games, such as Princess Knight, Sailor Moon, Cutie Honey, and Magical Battle Festa, in which the heroine is overtly girly and cute while being very powerful.


    The twist here being that, instead of girls, it’s the boys that have the magical powers, but to focus it they need to dress up in those cute outfits.


    You can download Magical Boys for free on It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Chris Priestman

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