Boys’ Love Dating Sim Seiyuu Danshi Funded In 9 Hours


The boys’ love (yaoi) dating sim Seiyuu Danshi has been reached its funding goal of $5,000 on Kickstarter after only nine hours.


It has you playing as a newbie voice actor who wants to win the Seiyuu Award. While working towards this goal, you also have to manage your actor’s daily life, deciding how he spends his days.


This means choosing to have extra voice lessons or going on a romantic date with a crush. Developer Meyaoi Games also wants to offer a dating sim that doesn’t have the usual restrictions. Hence, it’s even possible to laze around, do nothing, and date absolutely no one in the game if you wish.


Seiyuu Danshi also features reversible roles – you can choose to be top or bottom – a foreplay mode that lets you feel up your lover’s body and face, dress-up options before you go on a date, and lets you roam its town in search of jobs (including doing the voice acting for anime).


Currently, Seiyuu Danshi is burning through stretch goals, with opening video music and a secret character already funded, and a “condom option” (for safe sex) and partial voice acting now being pursued.

Chris Priestman