Boys Love Game Finds Romance After A Ballroom Murder



When a murder occurs during a five-day celebration thrown by the king, it falls to the introverted son of a nobleman, Ravian, to solve the crime, digging deep into the lives of the men around him in Chess of Blades.




Ravian will work through the story of the game, investigating the matters of the murder, through decisions the player makes. In doing so, they’ll learn more about the shady, roguish men around them, possibly finding clues about the killer. They might also find out more about who these men are, getting closer to them romantically as well.


Players will have three romance options amongst the men of the court, and their actions with them can lead to one of eight endings. The developer states that the game will take between seven and eight hours to complete.




Chess of Blades is raising development funds on Kickstarter, as well as Greenlight votes, and is expected to release this Summer. A demo is currently available on

Alistair Wong
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