Brave Earth: Prologue Offers Three Play Styles To Tackle Its Castlevania-Inspired Challenges

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Brave Earth: Prologue features three different characters, each with their own combat styles and storylines, to tackle the game’s Castlevania-inspired challenges, giving players multiple ways to experience a gothic, violent world.


Naomi vos Cruz, while using a sword, will seem familiar to Castlevania fans, with a distinct wind-up when using her sword on foes. Her heavy armor also ensures that she moves slowly, which will make her move and jump at a pace also familiar to fans. She can also use magical orbs she picks up to launch one of several different special attacks in various directions,  giving her a quick leaping strike, hurling a beam in an arc, or using her shield to block.

These abilities will be used to defeat an array of sickening monsters that roam a gloomy countryside, cutting them down lest she be cut down herself. Brave Earth: Prologue offers some powerful, driving music to fuel the action, keeping players pumped up when facing down monstrosities, but should they fail in their quest, they’ll watch vos Cruz suffer a bloody end, her body exploding in gore as her in-game faceplate bursts apart.


The other characters offer whole new styles that revamp how Brave Earth: Prologue plays. Sinlen Rothschild offers high mobility and magical abilities, while Trevor vos Cruz moves slowest of all characters, but features a complex moveset that offers incredible offensive power and mobility, but requires a high level of skill to utilize properly. Each has their own campaign that is designed to challenge those powers, though, creating a balanced, but challenging experience for each style.

Brave Earth: Prologue is currently in development.

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