Brave Heroes Cometh For The Second Round In Fire Emblem Heroes

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The special Feh Channel for Fire Emblem Heroes has come and gone, bringing us more information about the Brave Heroes summoning event that starts tonight at midnight PT. The new event is called Arrival of the Brave, and features the four winners of the Choose Your Legends Round 2 event that took place around the first anniversary of the game.


Here’s the feature video below:


Veronica: Brave Princess

brave heroes 2



The shocking winner of 2nd place in the Women’s division, Veronica, takes after her brother Bruno, and is now a horse staff unit. She wields the legendary weapon Hlidskjalf, which brings the Dazzling Staff effect, plus buffs and debuffs teammates and enemies respectively. She also has the new healer special skill, Windfire Balm+, which grants Atk/Spd+6 to all allies on the turn it is used.


Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord

brave heroes 4



Coming in second place for men’s, Ephraim has decided to wear the clothes of his father, King Fado. Here’s how Fado looks in the character art for Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, by the way:

fado 2

Ephraim has decided to wield one of Garm’s Twin Weapons, the heavy axe Garm. It makes Ephraim able to make a guaranteed follow-up attack as long as he has any sort of visible buff on him, at the cost of slowing down his movement to armored status. However, he fortunately brings his own buffing skill in Armor March 3, which will let him use Garm’s skill effectively.

Ephraim also has Special Fighter 3, a new Armor unit-exclusive skill that lets them affect how quickly they and their opponents charge up their special attacks.


Celica: Warrior Priestess

brave heroes 6

celica 2


Coming in first for the Women’s division, Celica charges in with a new look and the Royal Sword gifted from Rigelian royalty. In fact, Celica’s “new” look is actually a homage to her original design in Fire Emblem Gaiden, which you can see below:

Celica 2

The Royal Sword charges Celica’s special a lot quicker, as she gets cooldown charge+1 when she attacks with any unit within two spaces near her. She also comes with the new Death Blow 4, a higher version of the Death Blow 3 currently available.

Celica’s B-slot skill is Double Lion, a skill available on the Royal Sword in Fire Emblem Echoes. It lets Celica use a Brave Sword-like effect on her first attack, with the drawback of taking one damage afterwards so she can’t use it again immediately after. It goes perfectly with Death Blow 4 to make her a very effective swordfighter.


Hector: Brave Warrior

brave heroes 8



Finally, last but definitely not least, Hector comes in a new set of armor passed down from his brother, Uther. Here’s Uther’s look from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade:


Maltet is one of the legendary weapons of Elibe, used in The Scouring against the dragons. It was wielded by Barigan the Knight, who would found the country of Ilia on the continent. In Fire Emblem Heroes, Maltet decreases the total count needed to trigger a special by 1, and can guarantee Hector a follow-up attack so long as he’s on Enemy Phase and his HP is above or at 50%.

Meanwhile, Hector has decided to spare players the suffering and just make Distant Counter his personal skill with Ostian Counter. It lets him counter at 1-2 range, and also grants Atk/Def +4 on Enemy Phase.


Forging Bonds

brave heroes 11


The second Forging Bonds event will feature the above four Heroes, and will also give players a chance to get new Accessories, and find out more about the Heroes through conversation.


Free Summoning Event

brave heroes 10

brave heroes 12


Finally, the Brave Heroes event, as stated above, will start at midnight PT tonight. Apart from the regular free pull everyone gets for each banner, the Arrival of the Brave banner will feature a free choice of the four Heroes to every player in the game. Choose which character you want, but be careful – Hector and Ephraim have switched colors this time around.


Here’s the full Feh Channel below:


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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