Bravely Archive Makes Its English Debut On Android Devices


app_6 Bravely Archive: D’s Report may have ended service in Japan on October 23, 2017, but it appears that is not the end for the Bravely mobile game. Bravely Archive has made its English debut. It is immediately available via Google Play, and the official website has a link to the Apple iOS version (which is not available yet).


Here is the official story description for Bravely Archive, taken from the official website.


It was a few hundred years ago that the evil dragon Garganthos tried to end humanity, but was defeated after a fierce battle. Garganthos was concealed in a huge crystal, called an “Archive,” that controlled and bound the people’s fate.

But one day, the Archive slammed into the center of the continent of Luxendarc and the fragments of the Archive scattered across the world.

An institution known as the Anastasis Library was founded to collect and study these mysterious crystals. But another group, called the Breakers, emerged to disrupt those efforts.

In Bravely Archive, players follow along with librarians Daria and Chalia as they collect memories from sealed crystals, fight Breakers and enemies, and investigate. You go along platforms, using the various heroes you have accumulated to fight bosses and carry out missions. It is also possible to work within Guilds to take on Raid bosses.


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Bravely Archive is immediately available on Android devices. The Apple iOS version is not yet available, but is listed on its official English website.

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