Bravely Default Brilliant Lights Will Have Turn-Based Combat

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights Combat

Square Enix updated the official website for Bravely Default Brilliant Lights to include some gameplay details for the title. Similar to previous Bravely Default titles, Brilliant Lights will have turn-based combat. It will also utilize the Brave and Default systems that have appeared in previous games. Additionally, players will be able to create parties based on their individual styles of play. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

For example, players can add “short ranged,” “long ranged,” “support,” and “defense” type characters to their parties. Characters will come with unique commands and abilities. Some of this combat was shown during the Bravely Default Brilliant Lights pre-registration trailer.

Additionally, Square Enix provided a breakdown of the Brave and Default mechanics on the official website. Characters can consume Brave Points to perform actions in combat. If players accumulate the max amount of Brave points, they can potentially attack up to four times per-turn. Assuming the Default stance skips the character’s turn and raises their defense while also allowing for the accumulation of Brave Points. It works similarly to assuming a defensive stance. Players earn one Brave Point per turn when assuming the Default stance.

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights will release for Android and iOS devices sometime in the future. Pre-registration is immediately available in Japan.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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