Bravely Default Developers’ Monster Game Is Full Of Tortoises

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Monster Takt, the strategic RPG-style mobile game from Silicon Studio of Bravely Default fame, is tying itself up with 4Gamer in a special collaboration. Players will be able to run a special dungeon in the sandy beach balmy region of Popokate Coast, where the Colon group have lived in peace for many a year.


Unfortunately, the evil from the Demon Lord has finally touched the gently Tortoises that reside in the sea nearby, driving them mad with anger and evil. Let us pause for a moment to ponder what we just said. Evil tortoises. Ok then, we’re still in Japan.




Every week from now till the 11th of February, the dungeons will rotate, offering one of the three different tortoises to defeat and possibly re-tame their heart (I.e. capture). You’ll also be able to befriend the Colons, those guys in sailor hats which are kind of like… anthropomorphic turtles. Who may, or may not, grow up evolve to become these guys. 4Gamer also hints that there’s a fourth, “secret” dungeon if you manage to clear all three dungeons before the end of the event.




Monster Takt is out now on Android and iOS.



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