Bravely Default To Have More Downloadable Special Bosses In The Future

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Square Enix recently revealed that bosses from Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, Beelzebub and Lucifer, will be crossing over as special bosses in Bravely Default: For the Sequel. Famitsu gives us a closer look at the menacing foes, in addition to a look at another crossover monster from the DS game.










As mentioned in our earlier report, you’ll get to fight them by acquiring them through Wi-Fi connectivity. They will be appearing as an invasion of Norende Village, the town you’ll be working on restoring through StreetPass. Additionally, for players who don’t have access to Wi-Fi connectivity, you’ll also be able to acquire these monsters through StreetPassing with other players who already have them.


Famitsu also features a short interview with Bravely Default producer Tomoya Asano, who shares some insight on the newly added monsters. According to Asano, with the tweaked difficulty and encounter rate adjustments, the idea was to have a game that can be enjoyed while relaxing. However, there may be some players who feel that the game offers so many jobs and abilities, but not enough challenges, so the development team decided to come up with tough monsters to meet such demands.


In the original Bravely Default, there are very powerful enemies known as the “Adventurers”. Famitsu asks if these monsters will be even more powerful in For the Sequel.


“Since they’re monsters you’ll be getting as content from outside the game, we’re currently thinking about how strong they should be,” says Asano. “We’re thinking about having their strength match the current progress of the player. In the end, we plan on having monsters who are even stronger than the ‘Adventurers’.”


Next, Famitsu asks about Asano’s reason for deciding to throw in monsters from Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light. Asano replies with a laugh, “There are many parts of the artwork that are similar, so I thought it’d be a great match. However, there won’t be any related settings between the two worlds… at least for now.”


Finally, asked if we’ll be seeing other powerful monsters similar to the ones announced, Asano shared, “Hmm yes, we’re currently thinking of a schedule to add more [bosses] even after the release of the game, so players will be able to continue enjoying the game afterwards. Please look forward to it!”


Bravely Default will be coming out on December 6 in Europe and first quarter of 2014 in the US.

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