Bravely Default Jobs

Bravely Default II Introduces New Jobs With the Hellblade, Bastion, and Phantom

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Square Enix released a new batch of information regarding Bravely Default II. This update provides a closer look at several new jobs that will make an appearance in Bravely Default II. Additionally, this includes information on a “consecutive battle” feature that players can use to their advantage to level up jobs efficiently. The nation of Holograd and several NPCs attached to this area were also introduced in this new batch of information. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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Holograd is a militant nation concerned with annexing neighboring countries. Three hundred years ago, Holograd was only inhabited by clans before being brought together by a singular hero to create the nation. However, recently other countries have begun to strengthen their guard in response to Holograd’s annexation of other countries.

One of the characters from Holograd is Adamas Holograd, also known as the “Militant King,” the Hellblade Asterisk holder. He is the descendant of the fabled hero that brought the clans of Holograd together, and believes that the world will finally see peace under the rule of an iron fist.

Another character is Maddock Lonsdale, one of Sloan’s former mercenaries. Skilled in the military arts, Maddock is loyal to the idea of supremacy Adamas advocates for. He is the Bastion Asterisk holder.

Mora, the Phantom Asterisk holder, is another subordinate of Adamas. Skilled in the art of shapeshifting, she is able to alter anything about her physical appearance. Mora is fiercely loyal and dedicated to Adamas.

And lastly, the final character associated with Holograd is Vishnu Isaac. Another of Adamas’ subordinates, Vishnu claims to have mastered the art of death magic. He is the Arcanist Asterisk holder.

Bravely Default II Jobs

The jobs featured in this information update about Bravely Default II include the Bastion, Phantom, Arcanist, and Hellblade. The Bastion is primarily focused in providing a balanced offense and defense. This job fits the role of tank, and can generate a barrier that will nullify all damage done to the party once.

The Phantom is a job in Bravely Default II that specializes in agility, and uses a short sword to make quick, successive strikes. They have an extremely high evasion rate and can use their dual blades to defeat an opponent without giving them any time to attack.

The Arcanist job specializes in extremely powerful magic that is capable of hitting all enemies on the field. However, this includes powerful spells that can even hit your own party members.

And lastly, the Hellblade. This job utilizes a cursed sword, and those that wield it put their life at risk. Various attributes can be assigned to the cursed sword, allowing the Hellblade to slaughter their foes.

Bravely Default II will feature new systems that involve new enemy skills called “counters” and “jammers.” The “counter” and “jammer” system is fairly basic, but can be devastating if players aren’t properly prepared. Enemies that have the “counters” ability will be able to counter attacks, and enemies that have the “jammers” ability will prevent the use of items for example.

However, if your party isn’t strong enough to take on these challenging foes you can use the “consecutive battle” feature to gain job points at an accelerated rate. When encountering a monster on the field, any nearby monster will be dragged into the fray. This allows for the quick accumulation of job points. That being said, your BP will remain the same between battles.

Bravely Default II will release for the Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. The Bravely Default II Final Demo is currently available to download through the Nintendo e-Shop.

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