Bravely Default Sequel In The Works; Producer Asking For Fan Feedback

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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was a hit for Square Enix, and producer, Tomoya Asano, is already talking about a sequel. For the next game in the series, Asano is reaching out to fans to ask for feedback.


Asano compiled a list of 100 questions and suggestions made by fans, and is now asking those same fans, just how much would they like to see those changes happen, in a future Bravely Default sequel. The questions can be answered with 5 options: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree and Indifferent.


The questionnaire will be up until December 20th, and will afterwards be put into strong consideration in order to make the next Bravely Default an even more satisfying experience than its predecessor.


Here are some of the more eye-catching suggestions we’ve come across:


  • There’s currently only one save slot available; add multiple save slots.


  • Add an auto-save feature that saves after changing maps, before boss fights, etc.


  • An additional New Game + mode, where players can restart the game, using characters and stats from the previous saves.


  • The main story might feel too long for some people; make the story a little more compact and add sub stories and quests instead.


  • Implement a crafting system, which requires using material to create weapons, armor and upgrades.


  • The 3DS Friend system was a bit complicated; make it simpler.


  • Add a Square-Enix members achievement system for the 3DS that doesn’t require having to check the website on PC.


  • Increase the amount of NPCs in town.


  • Display a detailed list of abilities during job selections.


  • Some job abilities may feel too short and don’t fully explain their functions; add more details.


  • It was tedious having to input a party member’s abilities after he/she left the group; Make characters keep their set abilities.


  • During combat, it can be difficult to notice Support Abilities being activated; make it more noticeable without taking away from the flow of the battle.


  • It can be a bit tedious to know which jobs can use certain weapons and armors; add equipment that can be used by all jobs.


  • While switching higher leveled jobs to a lower leveled one, the difference was too high; make the gap a little less noticeable, where players can still change to newer jobs with ease.


  • Add voices during fights.


  • Add more variety to battle backgrounds.


  • Add more animations for character movements.


  • While repeating some fights, in-battle event messages can take a while; add the option to press a button to skip.


  • Status effects and debuffs can take a little time to check; add a way to make it quicker to read.


  • Add in battle shortcuts for commands and abilities that are often used.


  • Add a battle feature that lets you check the previous command used by a certain character.


  • Add more enemies and their group variations.


  • Change to a visible encounter system.


  • Add a choice that lets players change from random encounters (Except for bosses) to visible encounters.


  • Add more end-game content.


  • Add a party chat history feature.


  • Continuously pressing buttons to advance the event might be tedious for some; add a feature that auto-plays the dialogue.


  • Add a feature that lets you re-watch past events.


  • When a piano is checked, the player will start playing it; add more little features like that.


  • While exploring dungeons, battles make the BGM restart; make it pick up from where it left off instead.


Asano is quite the forward-thinking producer, isn’t he? Early on, Bravely Default sold out at retail stores, and it went up for download on the Nintendo eShop just a few days later. Currently, it’s still the only high-profile Square Enix game for 3DS that’s available as a download title. And now, here Asano is, discussing feedback with fans on a public forum to help make the next game better.

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