Bravely Default Studio’s Monster Takt RPG Shows Off Monster Evolutions


Silicon Studio, aside from working on their smash hit Bravely Default and its upcoming sequels, also have a smartphone game. Called Monster Takt, the free-to-play title is a beautifully rendered full-3D strategy RPG that’s been out for awhile on Android already. With the game finally out on iOS, Silicon Studio is showing off more of the monster evolutions that are the hallmark of many smartphone games these days.


That’s Ifrit above, and players can also evolve other monsters such as Undines, Dragons and Angels.



Monster Takt’s art style is distinctly reminiscent of Bravely Default, with super-deformed, cute’n’cuddly characters who mysteriously have no noses as main characters. Nonetheless, it looks amazing when played on smartphones that support it, with spell effects and rendered monsters.


The game stars players who are able to control the mysterious Takt, an ability that soothes the raging monsters now ravaging the world. Once soothed and having joined your party, monsters then have to be strategically placed within a chosen formation before facing them off against new monsters who need to be defeated or calmed on a full-3D, turn-based battlefield. It’s possible to both level them up to become more powerful or evolve them into their stronger forms.


To help celebrate the game’s launch on iOS, Apple device owners who sign up for Monster Takt will get 100 Demon Coins free per day during the promotion period. 300 of these coins nets you a rare monster from the cash shop for free.