brave1Bravely Default: Flying Fairy gives the game’s bad guys just as much character as the heroes. Main villains have jobs and appear in four person parties like the Eternia Air Force (they have a knight, monk, white mage, and black mage).


Jump revealed (via TaleTale source) a new group of enemies called the Blood Rose Unit led by Fiore de Rosa. He’s a middle aged playboy who lives in Flowell, an entertainment district. The other three members in Blood Rose are the Venus sisters.


Einherjer Venus is the eldest sister and she was trained by Edea’s master. Edea, if you haven’t been following Bravely Default, is a playable character and the girl in the red. Mefirea Venus is the middle sister and a summoner. Artemis Venus is the youngest sister. Jump revealed the Hunter class and confirmed the Valkyrie class we mentioned earlier. Since each main character has one job we’re guessing Artemis is a Hunter and Einherjer is a Valkyrie.


Bravely Default: Flying Fairy also has an "abilink" system, which is another way players can strengthen their characters. Abilink (a portmanteau for Ability Link) utilizes the 3DS’ wireless hardware somehow.


Bravely Default: Flying Fairy comes out on October 11 in Japan.

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