Bravely Second will release later this month, on the 23rd, in Japan, but composer ryo’s “Great Distance” album for the game will release next month, and it’ll include a serial code that lets you pick out of several costumes for the party members.



The above is a look at all eight costumes for the party. As you can see, there’s even Agnes’ Bravo Bunny outfit for Edea this time around, along with Ringabel’s Japan-only Wakoku Warrior costume for Tiz.


Unfortunately, getting the Great Distance album by ryo (feat. chelly) will only give you a serial code to obtain one of the eight costumes, which you’ll get to choose, so fans will want to make their choices wisely.


The CD+Blu-Ray combo will go for 2,000 yen, and the CD+DVD pack for 1,800 yen. There will also be a CD-only version for 1,300 when the album releases in Japan on May 20, 2015.

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