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Bravely Second Confirms Edea As Playable, Shares More On The Patissier Job



    We previously saw what Edea from Bravely Default has been up to in the upcoming sequel, Bravely Second, but it still wasn’t clear whether she’ll be a playable character or not. In the latest live stream by Square Enix and Dengeki, Square confirmed her as a playable character, along with more details on the Patissier job.



    The latest Bravely Second footage can be seen at the 1:03:00 mark, where they show the new Patissier job’s Asterisk Holder in Angelo W. Panettone. He actually sounds more hostile than he looks, and has a follower of crazed girls that say his sweets are “to die for” when asked about them.


    At the 1:06:00 mark, Square Enix show what the Patissier job looks like in action. As you can see, it shows Edea in the party, confirming that she will be a playable character, and not just part of the game’s story.


    As for the Patissier’s abilities, they revolve around making snacks, such as the “patisserie” ability that lets you use ingredients you have to make cakes. There are numerous cakes you can make, such as Poison Cake, Blind Cake, and even things like the Fire Cake, which can hit enemy weaknesses.


    Additionally, the Patissier also has other useful abilities, such as ones that help you pick up items, and another one that lets you choose a party member to get attacked more frequently, which sounds like it will complement  your tank or a character with some decent countering abilities.


    Overall, the Patissier is geared more towards players that like technical jobs, as it has plenty of buffs, debuffs, and various other abilities. It has the abilities to work with all kinds of different party set-ups, making it one of the more versatile jobs in the game.


    Bravely Second is slated for release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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