Bravely Second Details On Moon Base Battles And Special Moves

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Similar to how Bravely Default had the Norende Village StreetPass and Wi-Fi mini-game, Bravely Second will have its own version, except it takes place on Magnolia’s hometown—the moon. 4Gamer shares a look at the latest details.

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By using Wi-Fi connection, powerful creatures known as the “Demon Kings” will invade the Moon Base. You can defeat them for a chance to get rare items, and also send them to other players through StreetPass on the Nintendo 3DS.



Here’s a look at some of the Demon Kings:


Fifth Demon King: Sea Urchin



First Demon King: Swan


Fourth Demon King: Butterfly Tail (Goldfish)


Sixth Demon King: Hakusan (White Mountain)




In order to help fight these Demon Kings, the Moon Base has weapons called the “Busterships,” which lowers their levels, making them easier to fight.


008 009

010 011

You can lower Demon King levels by bombarding them with the Busterships. By leveling these weapons, they’ll further decrease a Demon King’s level, and also shorten the time until you can fire another shot again.


While only one Bustership can be used at a time, it’ll also be possible to use Busterships from your registered friends to your advantage.


012 013


Unlike abilities that consume MP, special moves can be done by meeting certain conditions. You might not be able to use it as frequently as regular abilities, but they make up for it by being much more powerful.


As previously reported, each weapon has four special moves to them. There’s also special music to go with the moves, along with some status up effect while the track is playing. Again, you’ll further get to customize these at the Moon Base, along with additional options to edit the names of the attacks and the catchphrases that go with them.


Bravely Second is slated for release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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