Bravely Second Developers Recap The Game’s New Features

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Bravely Second producer Tomoya Asano and other members of the Bravely Second development team usually do livestreams to share new info on the game, but this time, they decided to do a pre-recorded session to recap the game’s features instead.



Similar to Bravely Default, Special Moves will have unique BGM playing when active, which you can listen to samples starting with Edea’s at 4:50 in the video. They then show some clips with the Special Move tracks for Yu, Magnolia, and Tiz gets a new one as well.


The developers share a look at Bravely Second’s new jobs in the Job Graphics corner at the 11:50 mark, where we get to see all the new jobs and how they look on different characters, starting with the Tomahawk, Patissier, Exorcist, Guardian, Astrologian, and Cat Master.


Next, they show the new look of the jobs from Bravely Default at the 17:38 mark, mainly to see what Magnolia and Yu look like in the costumes, starting with the Thief, Red Mage, Merchant, White Mage, Black Mage, Ranger, Valkyrie, Time Mage, and Performer.


As previously reported, Bravely Second features a new “Barter Sub-Scenario” system, where you’ll need to choose between two Asterisk Holders from Bravely Default, and their jobs. The way it works is, you’ll have Asterisk Holders arguing over something, and the one you’ll get to learn more about the story of the one you choose.


However, you’ll have to fight the character you don’t side with, and will get their Asterisk afterwards. The 24:00 mark shows us some of the Barter Sub-Scenarios, where you’ll see some familiar characters make a return for Bravely Second.


Next up, we see more on the Special Moves, along with Bravely Second’s version of Norende Village, the StreetPass and Wi-Fi mini-game, where you’ll help Magnolia’s hometown from being invaded by the “Demon Kings”. You can read more details about it in our previous report.


In Bravely Default, there were certain conditions for each weapon type to do Special Moves. This time around, they’ll let you customize the conditions to your liking. Finally, at the 36:19 mark, they show a fight against the Fourth Demon King: Butterfly Tail.


Bravely Second releases in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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