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Bravely Second Hands-On: Introducing The New Wizard Class


The Bravely Second demo at Tokyo Game Show let players try out the Wizard, a new class in the Bravely Default sequel, which Yuu, one of the game’s protagonists, could use.  Wizard lets players customize magic attacks by picking an element and then an attack type.


Yuu had Lightning, Blazing (fire), and Icicle (ice) as elements. First, you pick one of these and then an attack type. Burst hits all enemies while Mist doesn’t deal any damage right away, but acts like elemental poison. So, if you cast Blazing Mist you would deal no damage upfront, but the spell would hit the target with fire damage each round for three turns.


Icicle Burst is an ice spell that hits all enemies. You could also create a hammer that hits one enemy. Darts are another option that only hits a single target, but gives your attack priority over all of the other attacks. If you create Lightning Darts, you’ll do a lightning elemental attack before anyone else can make a move. It feels like the Wizard gives players the flexibility to choose an element and what kind of targets you want to hit. The downside is picking an elemental and attack type takes 2BP instead of simply casting a spell like a Black Mage.


The other classes in the game return from Bravely Default. Magnolia was a Valkyrie, Jan a Swordmaster, and Nikolai was a Red Mage. Square Enix also recently revealed another new class—the Tomahawk.


The dungeon I played, a lush forest area, had more twists and turns than I expected. There were two levels: an upper path where you would climb tree roots, and a winding lower path. It felt like the dungeon design in Bravely Second was more labyrinthine compared to Bravely Default.


Another change is that, during cutscenes, you can sometimes see Agnes on the bottom of the screen. She appears through the power of a pendant.


Food for thought:

Something amusing was that, in one scene, Magnolia who is late and rushes to join the group says “good gravy” in English, but otherwise speaks Japanese. I wonder how that will be localized if Bravely Second gets announced for the West.


In addition to your usual fantasy enemies like witches, Bravely Second has a walking apple-person with apple slices as arms and legs as an enemy.

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