Nintendo 3DS

Bravely Second Introduces The Villain Who Kidnapped Agnes



Bravely Second introduced new heroes to the game with the three musketeers who are in charge of protecting the pope Agnes. With new heroes comes a new villain, and this week’s issue of Jump magazine shows us the man behind Agnes’ kidnapping. (Thanks, @kazu4281)



The new character is an unknown masked man, who is simply known as the Emperor Oblivion. He’s the man behind the ravages of war that was caused by his powerful military force.


He’s also the man who kidnaps Agnes after assaulting the peace signing ceremony between the Crystal Orthodoxy and the Eternia dukedom. Emperor Oblivion is also shown accompanied by a mysterious fairy named Anne, who looks similar to Airy from Bravely Default. Unlike the cheerful Airy from the previous game, Anne can be a little cold-hearted at times.


Bravely Second will release this winter in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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