Bravely Second Shares A Look At New Dungeons And The Plush-Making Mini-Game

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Bravely Second producer Tomoya Asano and the Bravely Second team previously uploaded a pre-recorded session to recap the game’s features. In the second video of the series, they show us a look at a couple new dungeons, and the plush-making mini-game.



The footage of the new dungeon part starts at the 3:35 mark, where the group is shown traveling across water to get into what appears to be a giant hole. This dungeon wasn’t in Bravely Second, and it appears to be some sort or giant shiny crater, as you can see the clouds reflected on the walls.


You’ll travel through this dungeon by trying to find a way to go to the lower areas. For demonstration purposes, Asano turned off encounters so you can get a better look at the dungeon without any time wasted on battles.


At 5:30, they share a look at another new dungeon. This place is full of cobwebs, mysterious walls that you can walk through, and invisible platforms to walk across, and other puzzle elements, so it might be a little tricky to find your way around the area.


Next, they show us a look at a new town called the Kapu Kapu Village at the 8:05 mark. The Kapu Kapu are known in the English version as Chompers, and this village has what appears to be statues of them, and an area that seems to mass-produce them. As it turns out, it’s the mini-game for making plushies, called Kapu Kapu Maker, or Chomper Maker. You can see it in action at the 10:25 mark, where the party is shown working on dolls on the top screen.


All four characters appear to have their own roles in making the Chomper Dolls, as they show Magnolia in charge of cutting, Tiz with the fluff stuffing, Edea with the easiest job of gluing the two balls, and Yu doing the coloring. Depending on how well they do, you can make rare dolls, which can be sold for more of its special currency used to purchase BGM tracks. The BGM tracks can also be used to change the music during the mini-game.


The mini-game was made to be stress-free, and can be done in sleep mode, or just to have some background music playing for you while the party makes Chomper Dolls.


Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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