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Bravely Second Shares More On Tiz And The New Guardian Job



    We recently got a look at the return of Tiz Arrior in Bravely Second, and 4Gamer provides us with some more information and screenshots on Tiz, the new Guardian job, and a little bit on what some of the Asterisk Holders from Bravely Defualt have been up to.


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    Tiz was one of the four main characters of Bravely Default, and traveled alongside Agnes. After the extinction of the Great Chasm, he passed out as if he lost his soul, but managed to stay alive.





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    The Guardian might sound like a tanking class, but they’re actually powerful damage-dealers that use spiritual energy for attacks. They say that Guardians will even be able to use abilities of others as well.



    009 010

    011 012

    The Exorcist have the power to make things un-happen. The Undo ability allows them to make characters back to their state they were several turns back. Exorcists are a healer class that specialize in support-type abilities.


    Bloody Geist:



    Bloody Geist is the Asterisk Holder for the Exorcist job. He works for the Grantz Emperor, and under Emperor Oblivion. His age, origin, and name are all unknown, but he specializes in “undoing” things that happen, for example, by undoing damage taken by his opponents or the MP he used, by several turns back.



    He can even cause pain and damage to his opponents, then erase their memories of when it happened, only to have them sitting there dumbfounded by how they got hurt… only to damage them up some more.


    Due to  all of his endless loops of inflicting pain onto others, his mind has collapsed, and he struggles as he wishes to find death for himself.


    Here’s a look at some of the Asterisk Holders and their jobs from Bravely Default, along with some details on what they’ve been up to since then:


    Holly White (White Mage Asterisk Holder):




    In Bravely Second, Holly seems to have gotten herself into argument with Merchant Asterisk Holder Erotus Profiteur, about an abandoned house by the sea. It sounds like the two will be related as part of the “Barter Sub-Scenario” system with Edea.


    Jackal (Thief Asterisk Holder):



    018 020

    After the events in Bravely Default, it looks like Jackal turned a new leaf, and formed a neighborhood watch group that looks over the desert.


    Erutus Profiteur (Merchant Asterisk Holder):



    021 023

    Erutus disappeared after Tiz and the others caused the downfall of his company, but this time around, he seems to have found an interest in the Eisen Region, and he probably isn’t up to anything good.


    Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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