Bravely Second Will Have You Decide Between Jobs And Story

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Square Enix recently revealed a new “Barter Sub-Scenario” system for Bravely Second, where you’ll need to choose sides between two Asterisk Holders. In a recent live stream by Dengeki, producer Tomoya Asano further explained how it works.



At the 40:00 mark of the video, Asano and co. share more on the Barter Sub-Scenario. In the Barter Sub-Scenario, Edea takes on the lead role, where you’ll encounter Asterisk Holders from Bravely Default.


In each scenario, Edea will talk to two Asterisk Holders and listen to their dispute. She’ll then be required to choose one to side with; however, there’s a catch. You’ll need to fight against the Asterisk Holder you don’t side with, and you’ll get their Asterisk, or job.


The one you do choose to side with, you’ll get to see more from their story, and you won’t fight them, but you also won’t get their job. While Asano doesn’t specify whether we can get their jobs later on in the game, he says that this is a form of “ultimate decision making” that players will have to undertake


According to the producer, the Barter Sub-Scenario will bring back many Asterisk Holders, and Edea’s Japanese voice actress Mai Aizawa also says that these are the parts where she has a good amount of voiceover work featured in the game. We get to see an example of this at the 45:08 mark, where the Thief Asterisk Holder Jackal is shown asking Edea to help him, the man that has been helping out the thirsty. The Red Mage Asterisk Holder Fiore DeRosa then asks Edea to defeat Jackal, for the sake of the future and mankind.


While it doesn’t show why exactly the two have been arguing, they say that there’s actually quite a lot of story development behind these Barter Sub-Scenarios, and there isn’t a right or wrong answer for who you should side with, so you’ll have to decide which job and story you’d like to have.


Finally, during a Q&A session, one fan asked whether there will be something for those who start Bravely Second with a save data from Bravely Default. While Asano didn’t specify what, he says that there will be something nice, and that Square Enix will announce just what it is in the near future.


Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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