Bravely Second’s New Cat Master Job Is Full Of All Kinds Of Tricks

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Bravely Second adds more jobs to the series in addition to jobs that were available in Bravely Default. The newest job, the Cat Master, is one of the more unique ones, and it got a demonstration during Square Enix’s Bravely Second stage during Jump Festa 2015.


At the 41:20 mark of the video, we get a closer look at the new Cat Master job, with an illustration by Atsushi Okubo, known for his work in Soul Eater and also did some work in Bravely Default.



The two characters shown in the image are the Cat Master Asterisk holder Minette Goroneze, and a mysterious old man who is the Asterisk holder for the Astrologian job.


We then get a look at some footage that shows Minette introducing herself as a Cat Master, and explains that her job involves taking care of cats and assassinations.



She then goes on about how cats are great because they’ll never betray you, and she looks pretty sad when she says that they’re also good because you can live by yourself with them. She then sends her “Black Cat #1” off to go attack the party.


Next, at 43:30, they show some of the Cat Master in action with a demonstration of how they’re used in combat. The Cat Master’s main command is called “Put to Work” or “Order,” and it has all kinds of kitty-based commands that have various effects, such as putting all enemies to sleep, or increasing physical and magic defense.


They also have an ability called “Cat Attack” that lets you use various items to call out cats to do different moves, as demonstrated at the 44:40 mark. Cats will vary in color depending on the items you use as well. You can acquire these cat food items from monster drops, and other ways.


There’s an even stronger version of this called “Cat Special Attack” that requires you to use two items, and it can call out more cats for even more powerful abilities. The development staff felt that this was a bit too powerful, so they’re currently making adjustments on it.



As a humorous bit of info, development staff originally told the designer to draw the cat image as poorly as possible, to give it more of a playful look; however, he kept making it look too good, so they made him draw a cat’s face using his left hand, which is what you see in the above image.


Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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