Bravely Second’s System Trailer Shows The New And Old Of The Game

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Bravely Second will have new heroes along with new features, but it’ll also retain plenty of Bravely Default’s content as far as game system goes. The latest trailer for the game focuses on its mechanics and systems.


The video starts out explaining the very basics of Bravely Second’s turn-based battle system, along with its Brave and Default mechanics, which lets you either stock up “turns” or use them ahead of time, as a strategic element to the RPG.


It also has the Bravely Second feature, where a player can stop time, allowing them to perform an additional powerful attack at anytime in combat.


Bravely Second, has 30 job classes in addition to over 300 abilities to go with them, so there’s plenty of room for customizing move sets and making the party that fits your playstyle.


The Abilink (short for Ability Link,) will also be in the sequel, a feature that allows one of the characters to link up with a friend of yours, to “borrow” their job levels. You can also summon one of your friends’ chosen characters to do an attack as a way to help you out in a pinch.


Next, the video shows more on the Moon Base, which is Bravely Second’s version of Norende village. You can learn more about it in our previous report, along with some details on what Edea has been up to, the “Three Musketeers,” and a little about the mysterious new villain named Emperor Oblivion.


Bravely Second is slated for release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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