Brawler/Fighting Game Wishmere Lets Players Bend Time To Get Out Of Trouble

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Getting caught in a combo is a good way to lose most of your health in many brawlers or fighters, but in Wishmere, players can all upon their handy Fate ability to slow time and escape. Or use it to make sure opponent’s are trapped inside their own combos for even longer.


Wishmere follows a band of heroes chosen by fate, facing off against the evil (and playable) Doubt to stop his desire for conquest. To do this, players will battle across over thirty maps of thugs and creatures, using the specialized moves of the game’s seven characters to do so.

Each character features their own moveset with a different emphasis, such as Dove’s defensive style that lets her trap projectiles while hurling her own, or Pandy’s highly-mobile moves that let her rush in and escape before their opponents can hit back. Each of these moves is executed with a button and a directional input, making for simple use of each of the characters’ moves as well.


Should things be going sour in a one-on-one fighting match or local co-op against the AI, players can access their Fate ability, which allows them to temporarily slow time. This can give players the freedom to escape when they’re getting juggled, or make it even harder for their opponents to get out of the way of one of their own moves.

Wishmere is available now on Steam. A free demo is also available from its store page for players who wish to try it out.

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