Ougon Musou Kyoku X has an abundance of butler and maid type characters. One of these is Kanon, the Ushiromiya family servant with low self-esteem…although that doesn’t stop him from putting up a good fight:



Kanon’s ability is Silent Attack. It decreases the amount of SP your opponent gains from your attacks. His special moves are as shown below:


Water Slice


ougon_musou_kanon_02 ougon_musou_kanon_03

Shadow Slice


ougon_musou_kanon_04 ougon_musou_kanon_05

Crescent Moon Slice


ougon_musou_kanon_06 ougon_musou_kanon_07

Reddened Moonlit Wolf Shadow


Reddened Arc Moon Slashes


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