Brock Crocodile Brings Mascot Platformers Back With A New Gameplay Trailer



Brock Crocodile is a 2D platformer made for those pining for the 16-bit mascot platformers of the ‘80s and ‘90s. It’s just got a new trailer, and has now been submitted to Greenlight.


Armed with a whip and a fruit gun, archaeologist Brock Crocodile hunts for four missing criminals around Crocodillian Island across the game’s 20 stages. There are gems to collect, secrets to find, bosses to beat, and NPCs to meet.


As you’ll see in the trailer, it’s quite a fast-paced platformer, with some cool sections in which Brock uses his whip to swing across the air. You can get a good look at some of the enemies in this new trailer too, including dino skeleton warriors and robo-duck fighters.


Check out Brock Crocodile’s website for more information.

Chris Priestman