Brock Crocodile Has The Moves Of A Classic 16-Bit Mascot Platformer



    Brock Crocodile is the passion project of a team of four who grew up playing the 16-bit mascot platformers of the Sega Genesis, and wanted to create one of their own.


    As such, Brock Crocodile meshes together some of the ideas and mechanics found in games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, QuackShot, and Wonder Boy in Monster World.


    You play as the fedora-wearing red crocodile of the game’s title as he tracks down four missing criminals around Crocodillian Island. Brock is an archaeologist, a bit like Indiana Jones, hence why he uses a whip as one of his weapons and to swing across chasms. His other weapon is a fruit gun that, yes, fires fruit.


    The game is made up of 20 stages, with unique enemies and gimmicks, and a number of bosses to defeat, including giant bee mechas and an Iguana with a drill tail.


    In each of these stages you can collect gems – some of them obvious, others hidden away as secrets. These gems can be spent on items that’ll help you out in the stages (and possibly help you reveal more secrets) in the game’s town. There are plenty of NPCs to talk to there who will also offer you hints and snippets of story.


    If you want to find out more about Brock Crocodile, or want to track its development, then check out the game’s website.

    Chris Priestman

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