Build A Deck To Support A Princess For Rulership In Heart Of Crown


Heart of Crown is a deck-building game where players will help a princess of their choice gain the throne of the kingdom, using their princess’ unique powers, as well as their own strategies, to overcome their opponents and rule.


In Heart of Crown, like in the physical version of the game, players will start with playable Farming Villages, which provide the necessary tax revenue to buy resources from the main card pool to build a stronger deck to support their princess of choice. That princess must be purchased as well, which may mean that players find themselves having to back a princess they hadn’t been planning to if their opponent purchases her first. Each princess offers special benefits, though, so each can help the player in different ways.

Besides purchasing a princess to support, players can buy various territories, actions, attacks, succession, defense, and curse cards that they can add to their deck, giving them an array of abilities to use over the course of the game, but their opponent will be racing to purchase these same cards, too. From here, it’s a matter of acquiring territory and building succession points in the player’s domain, as these will lead to coronation and victory.


The PC game version of Heart of Crown allows for ranked online play against up to four human/AI opponents, a free play mode, and a campaign mode that details bits of the world of Heart of Crown through various scenarios.

Heart of Crown is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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