Build Facilities To Train Magic Students For Combat With Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant



Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant casts players as headmaster of a magical school, choosing which facilities and classes to build during simulation periods before taking those trained students out into the field for live-action combat.




Players must first design a school worth going to, creating the facilities, dormitories, and other areas while also furnishing them. Depending on what things they put into place, their students will learn and grow in varied ways.


It isn’t just a matter of what buildings that players put in place, though. Players will be able to equip each student with gear, choose where they go in their own skill trees to specialize them, rank them up to more powerful classes, and find mentors that will help teach them the most powerful abilities.




Once some of the students are ready, players will be able to take them out into the field to fight monsters in turn-based combat. In these, players will control one student who is leading four others, using their powers to take down threats to towns, rescue lost pupils, or find necessary herbs, items, and loot.


While running the school and dealing with monsters, players will also have to watch their political alliances. Players will have the ability to guide their relationships with five different queens in the world of Valthiria, and who they assist or ignore will have consequences. Players can attempt to unite them all, though, or even take a much darker route.



The previous Kickstarter for Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant did not succeed, but the developer has since worked harder on the game, and has begun an all-new Kickstarter to raise development funds. A demo for the game is also available through its Kickstarter page.


Players interested in the previous games in the series can play Valthirian Arc and Valthirian Arc 2 for free.

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