Build A Path To Tell Off The Great Ones In Puzzler Biblinthus



The Great Ones have long governed the universe with their random dice rolls, but have gotten bored of it, letting all of existence stagnate. Yonda, the Celestial Librarian of Wisdom, isn’t that impressed with this move, and intends to carve a path to them through her domain to tell them off in puzzle game Biblinthus.




Players will assist Yonda on her path by placing library tiles down in front of her. They can rotate the platform she’s on, choosing where best to lay down floor tiles as they construct the world around her and create a route for her to reach the keys she needs to leave each area. If she ever gets shoved off the screen by a player’s tile placement, the game’s over.




Yonda has a handful of tools to use to make things easier, but she will only use the most recent one she picked up, making players choose which item is best in the situation. These items let her destroy walls of books that block her way, warp to another place, or instantly get the key so she can leave the stage.




A demo of Biblinthus’ first level is available to download, with the full version releasing May 27.

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