Building Affection Makes Party Members More Effective In RPG Magical Passcode 1111


Spellenya, the last member of a magical race, has access to some helpful spell-flinging allies in the form of Magi, but they will never become very powerful without a little love and care in adorable RPG Magical Passcode 1111.

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Players will be sending out groups of up to four Magi (out of a possible eight) to help clear out the evil that is stirring in the world. These magical beings have access to all manner of elemental and healing spells specific to their character, allowing for tactical party combinations. However, they all have a limited number of Magic Points for each dungeon they head out into, so players will want to carefully plan out what spells they’ll need lest they find themselves helpless while out on a quest.

Players can give their spells a little bit more impact by showing love for their Magi, though. Players can offer them greater strength by giving them gifts or by showering them with attention and being kind to them, promoting showing love to your allies.

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Magical Passcode 1111 is available now on the App Store.

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