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Bullet Girls’ Bonus Scenario Shows Their “Daily” Lives



D3 Publisher and Shade are releasing a third-person shooter that looks like the lovechild of Call of Duty and Senran Kagura, with high school girls in a military training club. 4Gamer shows us some of the latest features on the upcoming PlayStation Vita game.


002 004 005 006 007

This is one of the urban warfare maps, where the battlefield takes place in the middle of the city that is full of buildings, shops, and various obstacles. You can also climb on top of roofs to shoot down the enemies below.


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The girls of the Ranger Corps can actually get all their clothes blown off, but as long as they’re still healthy, the fight continues. When that happens, a convenient cloud will be around to cover their private parts, so they can go on fighting without any worries.


One of the important parts of being a Ranger Corps girl is knowing how to resist against enemy interrogations, as they’ll try touching the girls up to get any information possible. Here’s a look at some extra items that will be put to use for interrogation training purposes:



014 015

A “vibrating thingy” and a cat paw.


016 017

Water gun and cockroach.



… and some Natto [fermented soybeans].


019 020 021 022 023


The above images demonstrate what the interrogation training looks like with the new items.


Finally, here’s a look at the bonus scenario that unlocks upon meeting certain requirements in the game:


024 025 026 027 028 029 030


The bonus scenario revolves around their everyday life, but that still doesn’t explain why they’re shown in their underwear, swimsuits, and maid outfits. Hmm, perhaps it’s another part of their regular training?


Bullet Girls is slated for release on August 21, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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