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Bullet Girls Bumped Up, Has Unlockable Underwear



Bullet Girls  is a third-person action shooter game that looks like a crossover between the Senran Kagura series and Call of Duty, where young girls train in the ways of battlefield combat. 4Gamer reports that it will be released a week earlier than expected, and share a little more on the game.


Starting with a look at two key characters who’ll help throughout the game:


Meika Hoshikawa


Meika Hoshikawa is the advisor of the Ranger Corps, who happens to be a graduate of the academy. She’s a bit careless and happy-go-lucky, but was once considered one of the best members in Ranger Corps history during her time.


004 005

Meika is from Osaka, and has her own takoyaki shop (a box of 8 for 250 yen,) which she also uses as some sort of Russian roulette with the Ranger Corps.


Rumi Yukishiro


007 008

Rumi manages the shop that handles equipment necessary for club activities. She occasionally gets into quarrels, but she’s polite with her greetings, which she keeps up on a regular basis. Deep down, she’s a trustworthy and reliable young girl.


009 010


Points acquired from missions and the interrogation practices can be exchanged for undergarments and costumes at her shop, and she’ll even personally demonstrate what they look like.


012 013


The Ranger Corps advisor Meika will be there to guide you through the stories and show the results after each mission. Additionally, both Meika and Rumi can be… “touched” whenever they’re on screen.


Bullet Girls offers all kinds of different attire that can be acquired through the shop, which can all be mixed and matched. Here’s a look at some of the basics:



016 017

018 019

Gym  uniforms.



021 022

023 024

School swimsuits.


026 027

028 029

Senior officer uniforms.



031 032

033 034

Maid outfits.



036 037

038 039

Battle gear.


040 041 042 043 044 045

Bullet Girls also offers different options that let you customize certain settings according to your playstyle and preference. The above shows three different camera settings. You can also omit the costume destruction scenes or put away with the dirt that shows up on the characters when they get parts of their outfit torn off.


You can also choose whether you want to see the costume destruction scenes of different characters, out of your own character, enemy Rangers, and small-fry enemies.


Additionally, here’s a look at some more preorder items:


046 047 048 049

White fundoshi and sarashi set from GEO.



Mousepsad from Amiami.



Original PC wallpaper from 7net Shopping.


053 052

054 055

Pink school swimsuit from D3’s online shop.


Bullet Girls is slated for release on August 21, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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