Bullet Girls Phantasia Details Its Fantasy World, Costume Breaks, And “Interrogation Training”

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D3 Publisher is releasing a new Bullet Girls game that takes place in a new fantasy world full of swords, magic, monsters, and new girls. Here are the first batch of screenshots and details of Bullet Girls Phantasia.



The new Bullet Girls game is set in “another world,” where you’ll take on the role of the girls from “Ranger Club” who train in self-defense and face countless enemies in an action shooting game.



The previous Bullet Girls games were in a school setting and this time it’ll take place in a fantasy world that is full of monster enemies such as orcs and slimes. While the game is set in a different world, familiar sexy elements such as an improved “Interrogation Training” feature will be making a return.



With the game getting a release on PlayStation 4, character models have been revamped and will be shown more beautiful than ever.


The story starts out like any other day for the Ranger Club, a club in an all-girls school called Sakimori Academy that practices in national security self-defense training. However, while in the middle of training, 8 members of the club lose consciousness after being hit with a bright flash and loud roar.


When the girls regain consciousness, they find themselves in a vast unknown world that is full of monsters wandering about.


Here’s a look at some of the key characters from Ranger club and the mysterious new world:


Ana Hinomoto (CV: M A O)




Yurina Kanezono (CV: Aya Uchida)




Sylvia Ortensia (CV: Haruka Yamazaki)


The other protagonist of the game. She’s the princess of the Ortania Kingdom and Imperial Knights leader who reunited Midgard. She’s known as the strongest princess knight of the kingdom. While she prefers wearing a luxurious set of metal armor, she gets worn out on long trips. She has a lot of pride and a sense of responsibility as a princess and leader of the Imperial Knights.



Will she grow more as a trusted leader of the people or a figurehead princess?


Saria Violette (CV: Asuka Nishi)


One of the 13 Mages who are part of the Magic Home in a remote area. She’s the lowest ranked disciple of the group. Saria is highly intelligent, an inquiring mind, and was born with high magic power and was considering a super prodigy as a magic user from a young age. However, she doesn’t have any confidence in herself.



Saria has an abundance in talent but due to her shy nature she keeps to herself for the most part. Will something change after she meets friends from another world?



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With Bullet Girls Phantasia set in a fantasy world, that means you’ll run into all kinds of monsters such as orcs and slimes, and you’ll be taking them out with a variety of weapons ranging from assault rifles, shotguns, and bazookas to fantasy-style weapons such as swords and magic. The game will let you equip up to three weapons on a character so that you can switch out and fight accordingly.




For the first time in the series, a new “Buddy” feature lets you tag two characters together to have one as the “Attacker” that the player controls and a “Buddy” who provides support.


Characters all come with their own weapons, so that means you can mix and match to have a Buddy support with their strengths to cover up the Attacker’s weaknesses, and so on. The Sakimori Academy girls will get to team up with girls fro the fantasy world, so there will be plenty to test out.



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In addition to firearms and swords, there are parts that will let you use tanks in battle. The tanks can be freely controlled and they’re excellent for dealing heavy damage to groups of enemies.




The Pantsu Chirashi (Panty Shot) Action, or PTA, will let you get a peek up the girls’ skirts during action, just like in previous Bullet Girls games. Motions such as dashing, evading, melee attacks, and crawling will let you see a little extra.



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Another familiar feature from the previous Bullet Girls games is that costumes break as the girls take damage. Parts on the arms, chest, back, and others have their own durability and it breaks after taking enough damage. And yes, underwear can also be broken, and when that happens the girls are shown completely naked.



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The Ranger Club girls practice in “Interrogation Training” so they’ll know what to do in case they’re ever captured by the enemy. This is mostly the same from the previous games, but this time you’ll get to move the camera freely in 360-degrees.’’




And depending on the affinity of the girl and the Interrogation Training item, you can activate a “Kukkoro Mode.” This mode adds double the pleasure rates which allows more powered-up reactions. This mode doesn’t apply only to the girls from the fantasy world such as the princess knight, but can also be performed with the Ranger Club members.


Bullet Girls Phantasia releases in Japan in Spring 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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