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Bullet Girls Phantasia Offers More Naughty Elements And Ways To Fight



    D3 Publisher hasn’t said much about its upcoming fantasy action game Bullet Girls Phantasia but it got a release date in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine along with plenty of new info. [Thanks, Gamestalk.]


    • In Bullet Girls Phantasia the girls of the Ranger Club get sent to a different world where a new adventure takes place.


    • The PTA, or Pantsu Chirari (Tirari) Action (“Panty Shot Action”) system that shows frequent panty shots. Furthermore, you’ll get to choose underwear of your liking for the characters.


    • When taking continuous damage from enemies a character’s outfit, including their underwear, gets destroyed.


    • The Interrogation Training will have 360-degree camera rotations. There’s also a new “Interrogation Gallery Setting” that lets you arrange up to three characters at once. While under interrogation training, the girls must endure severe training while being watched by an audience.


    • The PS4 and PS Vita first-print bonuses have been changed. The codes can be used for both versions. The PS4 version comes with the “Bunny Girl Costume (Black)” and “Silicone Bra & Panties (Beige).” The PS Vita version comes with “Bikini Armor (Gold)” and “Sarashi & Hakama.”


    • The scenario is written by Nobuhiko Tenkawa who wrote the script for A Certain Scientific Railgun’s TV anime.


    • In order to make it easier for taking high-quality screenshots on PS4, effort is being put into showing more life-sized characters. The illustrator is Momoko.


    • The characters from the other world specialize more in close-ranged attacks. Meanwhile, the Misakimori Academy characters specialize in ranged attacks but can also equip weapons for close-ranged attacks.


    • Thanks to the Buddy System that allows for follow-up attacks with characters, there will be all kinds of ways to enjoy battles.


    • Hard mode is currently in the works. Since there are character upbringing elements, they recommend players to level up characters before taking on tough stages.


    • Characters can equip up to three weapons. One of them are the weapons they specialize in and the other two can be anything you want.


    • The developers felt that there was a lack of sexiness in the Tokyo Game Show version that was previously shown off. That said, they’ve put in some more work in that department.


    Bullet Girls Phantasia releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on August 9, 2018.

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