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Bullet Girls Phantasia Trailer Highlights Its Girls, Guns, Swords, Magic, And Tanks



D3 Publisher shared the latest trailer for Bullet Girls Phantasia that highlights key features including its main girls, a variety of weapons ranging from guns to sword and magic, and even tanks.


The trailer starts out with a look at the girls from the regular world and Ranger Club, followed by the girls we’ll meet in the fantasy world. We also get a highlight of its gameplay action with a look at the many ways you’ll get to take out monsters, with or without underwear.


In case you missed it, we recently shared details on why the game has orcs with guns and their own tanks, a cute dragon mascot named Chibi, and a rather questionable mushroom that you see in the “Interrogation Training” part of the trailer.


Bullet Girls Phantasia releases in Japan on August 9, 2018 along with an Asia version with English subs on the same day for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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