Bullet-Hell Shooter The Adventures of Ten and Till Will Launch in Spring 2020

the adventures of ten and till

Prepare for another doujin bullet hell, as The Adventures of Ten and Till will be coming to PCs in Spring 2020. The one-person project is being created by Japanese doujinshi designer Toro Nishino, who is working on every element from art to sound, while LionWing will be handling the localization.

A new The Adventures of Ten and Till trailer was released on April 20, 2020, to give people a better idea of how it will work.

The Adventures of Ten and Till merges lo-fi pixel art with gameplay inspired by classic CAVE vertical shooters. It will follow the titular Ten, a teenage swordsman-in-training, and Till, an up-and-coming dancer, as they set off on a journey to protect the peaceful land of Lowres. Called to adventure by Princess Pixel, Ten and Till will use the power of emotions to protect the realm. It includes nine different stages, a special stage, and on-the-fly character swapping with the press of a single button. Good and true endings will be available, and there will also be unlockable side-bar art and a risk-reward scoring system.

Here’s a look at The Adventures of Ten and Till, including its original key art and character art:

The Adventures of Ten and Till is expected to release sometime in Spring 2020 on Windows PCs via Steam.

Mercedez Clewis
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