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A Bunch Of People In Japan Are Using Their Nintendo 3DS To Buy And Listen To Music



The RecoChoku app released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan back in 2012, and it recently reached 3 million downloads. With so many potential users, RecoChoku decided to launch a new community service to accompany the app. 4Gamer shares further details on this front.


To give you an idea of what RecoChoku is about, it was the first Japanese website to sell ringtones in Japan. Since then, they’ve grown into a bigger company that sells music downloads, CDs and DVDs, along with e-books and other digital content.


RecoChoku currently allows people to purchase downloads of singles, albums, video clips, ringtones, and more. They also have a flat-rate service that lets you check out all the J-pop you could ask for. The website also a pretty popular website to check out the latest top hits.


As for the 3DS app for RecoChoku, it allows users to choose from about one million songs of various genres and can be checked out through searches, latest songs, rankings, and recommended songs. Again, the app can also play the songs for listening or as part of an alarm clock that can play downloaded songs. Additionally, there’s a studio feature that lets you practice singing and record songs, along with a message system to send recommendations to friends.


Now that the Nintendo 3DS is getting a community feature to complement the app, users will get to check out various sections of RecoChoku, such as Japanese music, Western music, new tracks, currently selling, anime/games, Vocaloid, songs I’ve sung, and recommendations.


The community always has new music that changes on a regular basis, and its goal is to help people discover new music with its voting system and favorites list that can be used later if you’d like to make a purchase.


That said, it’s quite interesting to see how many people in Japan have been using the Nintendo 3DS as a multimedia device. The NicoNico app that released earlier this year has been downloaded over a million times, too. Perhaps it could be younger people that don’t own smartphones? Either way, it looks like the Japanese have been putting their 3DSes to good use, besides gaming.

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