Burn It Down–A Challenging Horror Platformer With A Strict Time Limit


Players will awaken to find themselves in a mansion filled with pits and traps, their wife Heather having seemingly disappeared into it. To find her, they’ll have to navigate its dangerous halls, only having use of left or right movement and with a strict one hour time limit, in horror platformer Burn It Down.


Players can only choose to go left or right in Burn It Down. They can stop if they’re about to be crushed by one of the heavy traps that fill the mansion, though, but otherwise they can only choose which direction to move. The character can jump over gaps, but the player can only make them do this by building up enough speed through uninterrupted walking. This turns every environment into a puzzle, forcing players to thinking in a hurry.

Players will need to get that skill down, as there is a one hour time limit that is constantly counting down as they play. Not only this, but a phantom will periodically appear throughout their journey, dogging the player until they catch and kill them. Losing does not restore any time, so with every death from traps or ghosts, the player has less time to find their wife.


Players will also find an ongoing narrative, told through voiceovers and found clues, that will shed some light on the character’s relationship with their wife. Through these clues, and endings built around completing the game on time or with few deaths, will shape an unsettling story for this haunted platformer.

Burn It Down is available now on Steam, iOS, and Android.

Alistair Wong
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