The first Burrito Galaxy 65 newsletter rolled out recently and with it came snippets of what the team behind it has been working on (if you’re not signed up for the newsletter already do so on the game’s website).


First of all, one of the game’s main actions is being able to slap everything in its world. This is actually how you interact with characters, slapping them so they talk to you, but you’ll be able to do more than just that.


The newsletter revealed that there will be an app you can have on your in-game phone that lets you equip “POWER TOROIDS” onto your arm. These give your slaps different effects. The one shown (as seen in the image above) is a Dizzy effect, which “makes people very confused and wobble.”

unnamed (1)

The team says that it has also been putting lots of work in creating new NPCs and systems. This happy-looking chap above is one of the recent additions (you can also see the smartphone’s face). But more on these won’t be revealed until later newsletters.


Finally, a new night time song made for Burrito Galaxy 65’s main hub, the HOTEL ZONE, by Kayfaraday was shared. You can listen to it on Soundcloud. You can find out more about Burrito Galaxy 65 in Siliconera’s interview with the creators.

Chris Priestman

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