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Caladrius Adds Sophia And Lilith To Their Roster Of Playable Characters



    The Xbox 360 Shoot-em-up by Moss (developers of Raiden,) Caladrius, welcomes two new DLC characters to their playable roster in Sophia and Lilith. Both of these characters were affected by some sort of curse that caused them to be bound to their machine units.



    The newly introduced duo are playable characters with their own stories that further expands Caladrius’ storyline. What makes these stories interesting is how they interact together when you have two characters, which also affects the story. For example, pairing Sophia and Lilith with any of the previously available main characters will show some new interactions from their side, as well.



    Here’s a little back story on the two new characters:


    Sophia Fulcanelli


    Sophia was the sole apprentice of the alchemist Paracelsus, hundreds of years ago. She helps out our heroes by bolstering their units with the power of alchemy, and serves the role of a navigator. In order to stabilize the power of a curse, Sophia has released her soul and no longer has a physical body. Her mind is spiritually tied with her unit, Howl Loreley, and has been in a deep slumber. However, after sensing the presence of the forbidden curse, she has been awakened.


    Nightmare of the Lilith


    Lilith is the product of a collective grudge from those who vanished due to the experiment of the forbidden curse. She has the appearance of the kingdom’s princess, but she is nothing like those who were sacrificed for the experiment. She acts out of her impulses of hate and destruction. However, her violent nature is restricted, as she is sealed within the unit machine called Crawling Grudge.


    In Caladrius, Element Shots are powerful special attacks that are unique to each unit. Sophia’s Howl Loreley is said to be easier to use and more ideal for novice players. Meanwhile, Lilith and her Crawling Grudge are more geared towards advanced players. After clearing a character’s story, you can freely change their Element Shots. The DLC characters will have this option available.



    Caladrius’ Sohpia and Lilith DLCs will be available on May 15th, for 560 Microsoft Points each.

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