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Caladrius’ Secret Stage Boss Is The Demon Lord Of Gluttony


    Developers of Raiden, Moss, have revealed a secret stage for their recently released Xbox 360 shoot-em-up, Caladrius. The secret stage features a demon lord boss, known as Beelzebub, who is said to give players more than they can handle.




    In the Old Testament, Beelzebub is known as the Lord of the Flies, but in Caladrius she is actually a female demon lord who represents “Gluttony,” one of the seven deadly sins. She was once a high-ranked angel who lost her wings, along with Lucifer. While Beelzebub is one of the most powerful demons of the underworld, she isn’t allowed to visit the outside world. Due to this restriction, she often finds herself a little bored in the world full of demons.


    In order to meet this voluptuous demon, it is required to beat Story Mode under certain conditions to unlock the secret 6th stage. The hidden stage is said to feature completely different scenery from the others, and the conditions to unlock it have yet to be revealed.


    Caladrius is currently available in Japan for Xbox 360.

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