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Caligula Details Its Battle System And Introduces Some Of Its Main Characters



FuRyu released the latest details and screenshots on Caligula, with new screenshots and information on the game’s battle system characters, and more.


By selecting action commands of allies during battle, the “Imagination” visualizes as part of the “Imaginary Chain” system. As you select actions for each member, the “Imagination” updates, and you’ll get to read the actions of allies and enemies as they activate. By using this, anyone can come up with splendid combos as part of the game’s refreshing battle system.


To give you a better idea, here’s a look at how it goes through a series of actions in battle:



1. An ally uses a launching attribute attack. You can then confirm the enemy being launched in the air, putting them in a defenseless situation.



2. Following, against the enemy that got launched and in a defenseless position, you pick an attack to hit in the air. You can then confirm in the “Imagination” to see if the attack hits the enemy.



3. Furthermore, with the third party member, you can shoot the enemy in mid-air. The “Imagination” updates and shows the third attack connecting into the defenseless target.



4. And finally, the fourth member can go for the finishing blow. The “Imagination” will depict all four attacks connecting, and you’re ready to put it into action.



5. The time that has stopped will begin moving again, and you’ll see the splendid combo with huge damage take place right before your eyes.


Next up, is some information on the over 500 unique students that you’ll meet in Mobius.


015 016


In the imaginary world of an ideal school life in repeat, “Mobius,” features over 500 characters, and they’re all living in there the way they want. They all have characteristic names and profiles, and all of their troubles and worries they experience in the real life has been forgotten in Mobius. Connecting with them may be the key to escaping Mobius.



The “Catharsis Effect” is a function that was made just for those of the “Return Group.” It makes a black mass rip through their skin and take the form of a weapon. One common characteristic is that a flower painfully blooms through their chest.


Other than that, the Catharsis Effects are vastly different from person to person, and they say that contrary to the intention, it has dark color and it expresses what’s inside of the user.





004 003

The above is a look at the protagonist in his normal form and Catharsis Effect form.


Shogo Satake:



Shogo’s Catharsis Effect brings out an abnormally large pistol. Both hands also get heavy handcuffs attached onto them. His battle style is a mid to long-ranged attacker.



Mifue Shinohara:



Mifue’s Catharsis Effect brings out a hammer-like weapon. Her effect is also characterized by the armor that covers her mouth. Her battle style is a close-ranged high firepower attacker.


The “Ostinato” are musicians that go against the main characters. They are the ones that compose music for μ. They plan to destroy the Return Group that plans to escape from Mobius. Here’s a look at one of the Ostinato musicians named “Sweet-P”:



CV: Emi Nitta

Character Sound Composer: OSTER project

002 Sweet-P is the fashion leader of  Mobius, and also a member of the Ostinato that goes by the fashion trend of “yume kawaii” (dreamy cute). She is characterized by her long eyelashes and her large bright eyes.



She produces music of girlish taste, that goes with her pastel and fairy tale-like looks. She even has some very passionate female fans.


Caligula will release on June 23, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. The game is being developed by Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment makers, Aquria.

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