You Can Blade & Soul In English Right Now, With A Little Ingenuity



We haven’t heard a peep from NCSoft and Team Bloodthirst on the Western release of real-time martial arts online game Blade & Soul since 2012. This, despite the game going strong in Korea, and recently, in China as well. If you’ve forgotten what the game looks or feels like, have a gander at the English trailer above.



In response, fans have stepped up by releasing a patch file that lets interested players sign up and play on the Korean or China servers and then play it in English. You can follow the instructions on the site and dive into the wuxia-style combat the game provides.


With NCSoft releasing Wildstar later this year, and no word yet on any sort of English release date, this may be one of the only ways to play the game for the foreseeable future. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more on an English release.


Blade & Soul is out now on PC in Korea and China.