You Can Buy Doujin Brawler Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore Along With Its Source Code



For its next project, Japanese game developer Edelweiss (best known for Astebreed) has remade its 2005 brawler Fairy Bloom with the new title of Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore.


The game was announced during Comiket 83, and is available for purchase via Playism in English and Japanese. Meanwhile, a new trailer details how the game will work and what new features it has over the original.


Firstly, it’s been remade in Unreal Engine 4, which gives it crisp 3D background graphics, glorious particle effects, and a day and night cycle. That last detail is an important one because the aphids that you’re defending the flower from get more vicious at night.



Oddly, Edelweiss has opted for using 2D cartoon sprites for the foreground graphics where all the action happens, which is presumably a bit of a visual throwback to the original game. I say it’s odd because the sequel released last year, Fairy Bloom Freesia, used 3D character models.


Anyway, as with the original game, you’ll be able to chain up big combos by knocking the aphids into each other with a series of kicks and punches as you try to keep them away from your precious flower at the center of the screen.


You can buy Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore using a Pay-What-You-Want model, starting at $0.99. Alternatively, you can buy the game along with its source code for $9.99, if you’re interested in seeing how things work below the surface.

Chris Priestman