You Can Challenge The Last Boss At The Beginning Of Nother, If You Dare

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Without so much as a title screen or any hint of story, top-down action game Nother tosses players out onto the field, letting them take themselves anywhere they want to go. So long as they can stay alive.




Nother isn’t shy about its Souls inspirations, touting vicious combat against clever enemies that will prey on any moment of weakness. Players can tackle any of the game’s hardest monsters at any time as well, as no area of the game is gated off or kept form the player. The player can walk right up to the last boss from the beginning should they please.


Players who want to stand a better chance of surviving are advised to explore their attacks. Nother offers a variety of combat options with its weapons, but players will only be able to discover these through trial-and-error. Like its world, its attacks are open for the player to use as they see fit, with powerful techniques being available right from the start if the player somehow knows how to use them.




Secret items, weapons, and hints at the story are buried in hidden places all over the world. When the player is not concentrating on pure survival, they can attempt to find these things, unearthing new powers and the buried history of this bleak world.


Nother is available now on Steam.

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